Monday, August 29, 2011

Gameloft games only release on thursdays?

Backstab - June 23 - Thursday
9mm - July 14 - Thursday
Silent Ops - July 28 - Thursday
Lets Golf! 3 -  August 11 - Thursday

It does seem like they come out with a game every 2 weeks, so hopefully we shall see march of heroes by this thursday.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

MC3 Release Date?
According to ign mc3 release date will be december 30th, or this could mean thats its the last day it could possibly be released because its the last day of Q4 2011. Stay tuned for more news on possible release date for mc3.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Warm Gun for iOS to have an arcade style, single player, stand alone app.

This single player adventure takes players on a post-apocalyptic ride through a decayed amusement park. Jammed packed with shooting ranges, mini games and a few surprises, players are invited to hone their skills in the many wonders of... The Carnival of Bullets!

Friday, August 26, 2011

About the site

A quick update to inform you about the site.
The site will be mainly focused on modern combat 3, but will feature other games as well including, march of heroes, battlefield aftershock, warmgun and others.
This site will be constantly updated with the latest news from any upcoming ios fps games, so keep checking back.
As soon as MC3 comes out we will have a clans section, tournaments and lots more, so stay tuned.

You can subscribe to me on youtube, where i currently upload mc2 videos and will upload loads of mc3 and moh when they come out.
If you have any suggestions please post it in the comments, thank you.

No unreal engine in MC3

From Now, one thing I can confirm that other media outlets may not have covered is that this is not, I repeat NOT running on the Unreal engine. It’s a testament to Gameloft’s own engine development that they are able to pull off increasingly better looking games by pushing and developing their engine further. It still lacks some of the finer details like dynamic shadows (though I’m told they might come later in this game’s development) as well as higher details on the characters, but it’s certainly one of the best looking first person shooters so far. I too was puzzled why they hadn’t used Unreal engine like they are doing with March of heroes, but I was told that while they are actively using Unreal engine, that it is still early days and they are more confident right now with their own in-house set up.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

MC3 for Android

Mc3 will be coming to the Android around the same time as iOS.
Gameloft has just unveiled the first teaser trailer for the brand new and upcoming first person shooter (FPS) game for Android and iOS. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation will be coming to Android this fall according to @GameloftAndroid.

Modern Combat 3 trophy achievements leaked!!

This has not been confirmed.

Package Secured
Bring the Intel to the Evacuation Zone

American Dream
Annihilate all KPR forces from the West Coast

Monroe Doctrine
Complete Act 1 on Extreme difficulty

Escape From Alaska
Escort Razor Squad to extraction point

Shutting It Down
Put Kolodny Weapon Factory out of order

Hostiles Territories
Complete Act 2 on Extreme Difficulty

One Down...
Capture Edward Page

You Own Me One
Save Downs from Popovich

End of Hostilities
Complete the Game at any Difficulty

War is Hell
Complete the Game on Hard or Extreme Difficulty

Right Behind You
kill 20 KPR soldiers with the Kabar without been detected

Boom... Headshot
achieve 15 Killcam in one mission

Like In a Candy Store
Use at least 5 firearms in one mission

Stealing 2nd Base
Perform a slide

Kill a KPR soldier by returning one of his grenades

I See You!
Kill a KPR soldier while blind

Take a Number
Kill all KPR soldiers at the Server Room's entrance before Echo-9's support fire in Mission 01

This Is For Bailey
Head shot Bailey's murderer in Mission 01

Do Not Engage
Complete Mission 3 without using the 105 mm once

Fish In a Barrel
Destroy an Enemy ATV with a explosive barrel in Mission 06

Guardian Angel
Allow Downs & Anderson to enter the Main Building without getting discovered by KPR troops in Mission 08

No Back Up Needed
Destroy the entire KPR convoy without any help from Hawk Leader in Mission 10

Run, Coward!
Complete Mission 14 under 10 minutes

Chunks Everywhere!
Dismembered completely an Enemy in one blow

Show Mercy
Leave an injured KPR Soldier to die

Win 5 multiplayer matches

Win 25 multiplayer matches

Win 100 multiplayer matches

Win 500 multiplayer matches

Silent Killer
Earn 10 kills in multiplayer

Grim Reaper
Earn 125 kills in multiplayer

Earn 750 kills in multiplayer

Meat Grinder
Earn 2000 kills in multiplayer

In The Crosshairs
Use the iron sight to perform a headshot

Hot Potato
Cook a grenade for 2 seconds without killing yourself

Pick up the King of the Hill flag

Kill the V.I.P.

Genghis Khan
Conquer 5 locations in conquest mode

Textile Recycling
Return 10 flags in multiplayer

Don't Touch The Red Wire
Successfully defuse 10 bombs

Billy Sing
Earn 50 headshots

Rooftop Killer
Get 20 kills in the same team battle on multi02: Rooftop

Bring Your Own Bombs
Plant the bomb in multi04: Hangar and let no one touch it!

Sleeping Village
Win a battle in multi01: Alaska without dying

Carried By The Wind
Capture 3 flags in the same game in multi05: Ravine

Symphony of Destruction
Sabotage all targets in the same game in multi06: Silo

King of The Nordic Twilight
Win a King of the Hill game in multi03: Siberia without dropping the flag once

World Tour
Complete achievements 42 through 47

One Man Army
Use the Nuke without using a single other kill chain bonus

Become a War Veteran (reach rank War Veteran 1)

New Controls

It has been confirmed that their will be a sprint button as you can see in the picture below, although the use of the map radar has never been confirmed for multiplayer. and hopefully they make the grenade button even smaller, so people will have a hard time finding it when they wanna spam grenades.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MC3 breakdown trailer (THEmaroonBANANA)

Toucharcade article on modern combat 3

IGN recently got their hands on Gameloft's upcoming modern military shooterModern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and aside from a new gameplay trailer, also have tons of details on the game itself. First off, you really need to watch this:

it seems Modern Combat 3 will fall in line with the other entries in the series and feature online multiplayer, this time with 12 players and six different game modes spread over six maps. They've also told IGN there will be "frequent updates," so it will be interesting to see if Modern Combat 3 sees better post-launch support than previous iterations.

Single player sounds like it's basically what you'd expect: 13 levels of fast-paced military-centric combat with voiceovers and battle locations ranging from Los Angeles to Russia. Controls sound like they'll be similar to other Gameloft first person shooters. What I'm curious of is whether this is a Unity or an Unreal Engine game, not that it really matters either way, but we haven't seen much yet from Gameloft's announcement of their future utilization of Unreal Engine 3.

touchaholics article on modern combat 3

Following the release of the trailer just moments ago, it seems as though we’re allowed to post the screenshots and details of Gameloft’s upcoming first-person shooter Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation(after receiving them earlier today).

If you don’t know, Modern Combat is probably the most successful first-person shooter for iPhone and iPad. The latest instalment in the series, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, score extremely high reviews when it released last year. Great graphics, gameplay, online multiplayer and more – all of which will be improved in Modern Combat 3.

We also received the following details:
• An intense 13-missions campaign with impressive cinematics and memorable,
• An frantic multiplayer with 12 players, 6 maps and 6 different modes.
• An addictive ranking system with more than 90 experience ranks.
• High-tech modern weaponry with modifications and attachments.
• Next-gen high quality visuals that will compete with the RAGE and UNREAL


IGN Article on modern combat 3

Gameloft set the standard for mobile military FPS titles with Modern Combat: Sandstorm in 2009. Their 2010 follow-up Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus further upped the ante with the addition of 10-player realtime multiplayer. The series may not earn points for originality (it shamelessly cribs from Activision's Modern Warfare franchise), but the games make up for their lack of fresh ideas with brilliant execution. Put simply, Modern Combat 1 and 2 are the best FPS titles on mobile platforms.

Modern Combat returns this fall with Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, and based on our early hands-on time with the title, we think the game has the potential to become Gameloft's best mobile FPS yet.

We had the opportunity to play through the game's first stage, playing as new protagonist Corporal James Walker. Gameloft became curiously cagey when asked if players would control other soldiers in later levels, perhaps to leave the door open for previous Modern Combat characters to return. The game opens with a bang, with an attack on downtown Los Angeles by KPR (North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia– natch) troops. The opening in-engine cutscene mentions that numerous US cities are under assault, and that Chicago has been lost. Gameloft has promised a "globe-spanning" single player experience across 13 stages. Later missions will take players to Alaska, Pakistan and into North Korea itself.

The gunplay in Modern Combat 3 feels fast and fluid. Gamers move their character via a left virtual thumbstick, and aim with a right virtual thumbstick. Firing, lobbing grenades, sprinting, crouching, and aiming down your weapon's sights each have their own virtual buttons. At first this control setup felt awkward. Transitioning from sprinting to aiming or going from firing our weapon to throwing a grenade wasn't easy. But like Modern Combat 2, Gameloft has implemented a very slick customization setup. Virtually every single touchpad button can be repositioned anywhere that the player wants. So after a little fiddling I moved my buttons into more comfortable positions, and felt much better prepared to shoot fools in the face. It's still not the same as having a controller in-hand, but a fully customizable interface does fix many of the problems inherent to virtual buttons.

The sprint button is new to Modern Combat 3, and gives gamers a means of quickly escaping behind cover if they take too much damage. Radar has also been added to the Modern Combat HUD for the first time.

The Los Angeles level was lengthy, and incorporated several large set pieces and scripted sequences. The game aggressively pushes players through the stage at a breakneck pace – shouting at Walker to fire an RPG at concrete support pillars, or sprint for cover to avoid a roving attack helicopter, or to neutralize another immediate threat. Midway through, I experienced the level's most memorable moment: my helicopter crashed, and I had to dig myself out using contextual touch-screen controls.

Overall, the experience wasn't perfect. Combat dialogue from my allies repeated over and over (and over). The aim assist also felt a bit on the heavy side. In a linear mobile FPS, a little aim assist is quite welcome – these single player adventures are essentially roller coaster rides, after all. But a little goes a long way, and right now Modern Combat 3's aiming reticle feels a bit too sticky. Luckily both of these issues shouldn't be too tough for Gameloft to iron out prior to release.

We didn't get a chance to test out Modern Combat 3's multiplayer, but Gameloft did reveal a few details. The game will support 12 player multiplayer (up from MC2's 10), across 6 maps and 6 unique modes of play. A Call of Duty-style EXP system has also been included, providing players with 90 ranks to climb through. Multiplayer matchmaking is once again being handled through Gameloft's proprietary Gameloft Live system. Gameloft also told us to expect frequent updates, so players can likely look forward to fresh multiplayer maps and modes post-launch.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation won't win any awards for originality. But that's not the point. When it sees release later this fall, gamers looking for the latest mobile FPS fix will likely find a lot to enjoy in Gameloft's shooter.