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Modern Combat 3 Launch Trailer!

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Combat Arms: Zombies Coming to iOS

Nexon Mobile Licenses Unreal Engine 3 for its New iOS title, ‘Combat Arms: Zombies’

The 3-D First-Person Shooter to Be Revealed at G-Star 2011 Prior to November Launch

Oct. 24, 2011 – (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Nexon Mobile Corp., the innovative mobile game development arm of Nexon Co. Ltd., will launch “Combat Arms: Zombies” for the iOS platform in November after an unveiling at G-Star 2011, the biggest game expo in South Korea.  “Combat Arms: Zombies” was developed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, giving the popular first person shooter (FPS) unmatched graphics and rich content for mobile devices.

“Combat Arms: Zombies” is based on the zombie infested cooperative Fireteam Mode found in “Combat Arms,” one of Nexon’s most popular online FPS’ that has millions of players across North America and Europe.

Nexon Mobile has combined the gameplay of the original “Combat Arms” with diverse attack patterns of the 3-D zombie mode, top-notch visuals and a variety of weapons systems. Nexon Mobile expects to provide users with regular content updates with the intent of delivering massive game content approaching that of the original online game.

“Using Epic Games’ cutting edge Unreal Engine technology, ‘Combat Arms: Zombies’ will set a new standard for graphics and quality gameplay on mobile devices,” said Nexon Mobile’s CEO, Albert Rim. “‘Combat Arms: Zombies’ has been a major effort for us and it will help establish Nexon Mobile as a top developer of multi-platform games.”

Prior to its launch later in November, ‘Combat Arms: Zombies’ will be unveiled for the first time at G-Star 2011 on Nov. 10 at Busan BEXCO. Visitors to South Korea’s top games expo will have hands-on access to the game via iPads and iPhones at the Nexon Mobile exhibit.

Biteyourapple hands on with modern combat 3


tle Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation .

First, Moder Combat 3 will be available in universal , ie for both the iPhone and for iPad (there is support at ' iPad 2and probably also add that for the ' iPhone 4S ), but also for Android , and will be released on October 27 at a price of € 5.49.

The game uses a graphics engine developed entirely by Gameloft and quality evata much, in fact one of the things that struck me most was just trying the game is the graphics, very much improved since the previous titles.

As for the story, is the contrary with respect to them: we will not be us who will attack enemies, but they will be attacking us, after which we will fight back.

As specified by the creators of the app, then, a military organization (our enemies), composed of renegade soldiers from the armies of their countries who call themselves KPR (North Korean / Pakistani / Russian Alliance, attacking Los Angeles . Starting from the coast west of the country, this army of terrorists without a country from the start to panic hitting civilians mercilessly.

The U.S. Army (that's us) with a counter party and Corporal James Walker was sent to Los Angeles. His team, Anvil-1,was responsible for gathering critical information from the ruins of the headquarters of the NSA . The information gathered will lead the team Anvil-1 in the territory now occupied by the enemy to deal with mercenaries, terrorists, and an unexpected defector that is not asked no qualms in destroying the country that has long served with honor.

The following technical features of the game.

APA and including integration with Twitter , which is useful to post our scores online.

The controls are classic usable with fingers, or you can take advantage of the gyro , present on the latest devices.

Now we talk about the multiplayer mode, accessible via the Gameloft Live , with whom we play in WiFi (with players around the world) or local , always via WiFi or via Bluetooth , with which we can play with our friends in the vicinity.

As with the previous title, we will have the possibility to host an online game, or we will be the " host ", or go to the first game available.

We will have at our disposal well 100 levels total divided into six new maps . The weapons are unlocked or with the points accumulated during the batch, or through the ' in-app purchase , or purchases with real money. The latter option is not recommended because forced to buy things, the fun ends up making the levels too simple.

In addition, we enable different options after a specified number of consecutive kills: If after three killed the image above we can scan and display military enemies on the map.

The game modes are different, as the DeathMatch (all against all), Steal the Flag , the Manhunt (hunting for a specific person) and the Defuse the bomb .

In addition, Michele Baratelli , the Director of Marketing weblog Italian Gameloft has informed us of other games in development and will probably come out by the end of October, that this is real football 2012 and Gangstar Rio .

New chat page and chat group

As suggested i have created a chat page on the site where you can view here

(you have to be on a computer to use this)

I have also created a palringo group - [mc3 site]

thats where ill be hanging out most of the time.

hope to see you there.


Just a test

Share Your Ideas

If anyone has any ideas on how to improve the site or any features that the site should include, please leave a comment. As soon as mc3 comes out i will have a page where you can post what weapons or attachments or skill perks you unlocked at what level so i can start putting together a chart for people to use as reference. any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Mark the date 10/27/11

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Modern Combat 3 Killstreaks

MC3 will have 6 killstreaks

  • scanning satellite

  • air attack

  • deployment tower (turret)

  • helicopters

  • bombers

  • nuclear missile

Modern Combat 3 Hands on With iPhoneItalia (new pics and video!)


On Monday iPhoneItalia was in the Italian branch of Gameloft in Milan to try to preview the highly anticipated FPS Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. This wonderful new chapter will be released in the coming weeks on the App Store and grows more and more waiting.

The new Modern Combat will be a universal, and available in one version for both iPhone and iPad to be released on October 27 at a price of 5.49 €. In this game we will have a completely new graphics engine developed by Gameloft. The story is completely reversed compared to the previous titles, in fact, a military organization, composed of renegade soldiers from the armies of their countries who call themselves KPR (North Korean / Pakistani / Russian Alliance, attacking Los Angeles. Starting from the west coast of the country, this army of terrorists without a country gives way to panic hitting civilians mercilessly. The U.S. military and counter-party to Corporal James Walker was sent to Los Angeles. His team, Anvil-1, was responsible for collecting critical information from the ruins of the NSA. Information collected will lead the team Anvil-1 in the territory now occupied by the enemy to deal with mercenaries, terrorists, and an unexpected defector that is not asked no qualms in destroying the country that has long served with honor.

Another new feature is the highly anticipated multiplayer via local WiFi or online at Gameloft Live, where we can make games faster, organize individual and team games, and there will also be able to modify their weapons through the armory section, thanks to points gained in battle or through in-app purchase. But here are the main features of the multiplayer:

  • Individual or team deathmatch: classic meeting-all

  • Capture the enemy flag: we will have more flags of the enemy team in a total time

  • Manhunt: we should be good to kill the enemy chose

  • Destruction: the more damage you do you will have more chances to win the game

  • Blaster: defusing bombs as possible

In addition we will have six maps, 100 levels of experience with numerous weapons, unlockable as mentioned earlier by experience or in-app purchase, and we can decide the duration of the various sessions of play.

Here's a video demonstration:

Finally a brief interview with the Marketing Manager of Gameloft Italy Michele

As well MC3, what other titles await us?

Gangstar Rio: city of saints, the adventures of Tenten and the secret of the unicorn, Real Football 2012 and Six guns, all out later this year. In addition, we are told that we can expect some surprises.

They arrived iOS 5 and iPhone 4S. Like all the new features will be exploited by Gameloft?

Gameloft is very excited for the release of iPhone OS iPhone 4s and 5 as it will help to improve the gaming experience for our users. All of our games will benefit from the features and Airplay icloud. With icloud new feature, users will be able to experience all the benefits of "cloud" that saves server administered by Apple - so if you start playing on your iPhone while you go to work in the morning, you may return and come back to home using any of your registered devices with the same Apple ID. With Airplay, we will venture into new territory for mobile gaming.

More Modern Combat 3 Campaign Gameplay!

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MC3 Pic of The Day 10/22

[caption id="attachment_503" align="alignnone" width="593" caption="125 XP for Knifing"][/caption]

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PocketGamer UK Hands On With MC3


We’ve already taken a brief look at Modern Combat 3’s single-player campaign back at Gamescom this year, but it's fair to say that most of the people who download the game when it comes out next week will do so for the multiplayer.

That’s because the Modern Combatseries - much like a similar game starting with the letter ‘c’ on consoles - has managed to carve itself out a reputation as being the best multiplayer iOS first-person shooter out there.

It was one of the first to introduce persistent ranks and unlocks, along with a level of detail that other games would be wise to emulate.

Modern Combat 3 isn’t going to upset the apple cart, but it’s shaping up to be a solid improvement on its forebears assaults in every possible way.

Tango down!

Take the multiplayer progression system, for instance, which now throws even more unlockable additions to weapons, equipment, and call signs (and death messages for your victims).

There are now 100 levels to progress through, each and every one unlocking something new for you to spend your hard-earned in-game cash on. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to breeze through this one.

I went head-to-head against Callum Rowley from Gameloft for this multiplayer test across two of the game’s six maps - the first set in a dusty industrial complex, the second in and around a government facility - taken from the first level of the campaign.

Enemy spotted!

Of the two, the second was easily the most impressive, both in terms of level design and in looks.

From sneaky hiding places outside that favour the long reach of a sniper rifle to the intricate broken down ledges around the sides of the building, I was still finding new areas to lead Callum into traps (ho ho) right up until the dramatic orchestral swell that marked the end of a round.

The controls are still fully customisable and finely tuned, giving you complete freedom to determine where the on-screen buttons appear and how big they are.

It’s a world away from the sort of confused bumbling that characterised Warm Gun (or, indeed, 9mm’s multiplayer).


If MC2 was the moment where Gameloft managed to finally nail online multiplayer on mobiles, MC3 is looking like the game that refines and smooths over any cracks. It’s fast, deep, and - most importantly - fun.

We’re looking forward to seeing the other six game modes and beating up Callum alongside another ten players when the title launches next Thursday.

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If you plan on having a clan for mc3 make sure you sign them up on the sign up page here
We will be having clan tourneys and Its a also a great way to get your clan known.

Once I add you to the clan list you will have your own page. If there is anything you would like to add to that page just post it in the comments and we will update it.

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Modern Combat 3 IGN Hands On


I had a chance to demo Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation's online multiplayer at Gameloft's San Francisco headquarters today, and I'm going to be blunt: it looks and feels almost exactly like Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how much you like Activision's military shooter.

The demo featured 3v3 multiplayer played over WiFi, and impressively included one Gameloft team member in South America. Gameloft stated that the final game will feature 12-player simultaneous matches, and cross-platform competition between Android and iOS gamers. The majority of my time withModern Combat 3 was smooth and lag-free, although some latency did pop up in the final match, with players rubber-banding around the stage.

MC3's interface will be familiar to any Call of Duty player. Players can walk, sprint, or crouch as the situation requires. Firing from the hip is speedy but inaccurate, while aiming down the iron sights provides much more control, at the expense of your field of vision. Combat is fast-paced – a few well-placed bullets and you're dead. But respawns are equally quick, and it's never more than a few seconds before you're back into the fray.

In addition to standard Team Deathmatch, I also demoed a "capture and control" mode that required each team to capture and attempt to hold three separate points. A standard bomb retrieval & bomb arming mode was also demoed.
Players are given constant positive feedback for nearly everything they do in a Modern Combat multiplayer match. +100 XP for an enemy kill. +50 XP for avenging a teammate. +50XP for downing a bomb carrier, etc. As I earned enough XP to breeze through the game's first few levels I unlocked more equipment options, including C4. Individual weapon tweaks can also be unlocked, including red dot sights and silencers.

In fact, I can't think of any notable way that Modern Combat 3's multiplayer diverged from the Call of Duty mold in the demo I experienced. Besides the fact that I was playing on an iPad, of course.

This is definitely impressive from a technical standpoint, and exciting from a handheld gamer's perspective. An ambitious, high-fidelity mobile multiplayer FPS for under $10? Awesome. But we can't help but wish Gameloft would take some of its obvious technical prowess and marry it with an actual desire to movebeyond the console games it apes, rather than merely being content with creating iOS and Android proxies. Hopefully Modern Combat 4 experiments with killstreak rewards or multiplayer modes that didn't first appear on consoles.

Modern Combat 3 is slated for release on October 27.

More Modern Combat 3 Gameplay (hands on with Intomobile)

Via IntoMobile

I ducked into Gameloft’s San Francisco office today to check out some new iOS games, including their upcoming first-person shooter, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. As with many Gameloft titles, the influence of popular games is readily apparent – in this case Call of Duty – but they’re shy about mentioning the originals by name. Things like earning points towards the next rank with every kill, achievements on a per-round basis, perk-style skills, weapon-specific challenges, competitive online multiplayer, and unlockable guns with a variety of customization options are all familiar features to experienced gamers. What might be less familiar is getting that same gameplay on an iPhone or iPad.

I tried my hand at gyroscopic control for our multiplayer match, which was an abysal failure more for my lack of iOS gaming experience than the game itself. It was actually extremely responsive. After practice, I’m sure I would prefer motion-based control to the traditional dual-stick mode – mostly due to my roots in PC gaming and the precision a mouse offers. The auto-aim option certainly helped offset my wanton spazziness.

One thing that kind of blew me away about Modern Combat 3 was that all of the on-screen control UI elements were repositionable and resizeable to whatever makes the most sense for you. On-screen controls are tricky, as they can block out a fair bit of gameplay, but having some influence over that visibility is a huge bonus.

Although the spotlight is on the 12-man multiplayer, there’s also a single-player campaign. I only got through most of the first mission, and enjoyed the few interspersed cutscenes. While I haven’t poured any time into Gameloft’s previous Modern Combat titles, they tell me their proprietary engine is getting better every time. I’m dubious about Gameloft’s assertions that mobile gaming has the capacity to compete with traditional home gaming consoles, but the mid-mission cutscenes were crafted with an attention to detail that was very close to console quality, even if they didn’t have as high of a polygon count.

Modern Combat 3 hits the App Store on October 27. Pricing hasn’t been anounced, but considering the standard set by their other games, you can expect it in the $6 – $10 range. Here’s a video, and you can check out a bullet point features list after the jump.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Multiplayer Overview

•       Enter battles for up to 12 players on 6 exclusive maps and 7 different modes.

•       Use your customized weapons to battle your way to the top of the leaderboard.

•       Take advantage of a complete online experience with stats, specializations, kill signatures, etc.


Key Multiplayer Features

Ranks and Rewards

  • 100 ranks each with icon and title.

  • All levels trigger unlocks and bonuses.

  • Specific challenges for each gun.

Skills and Equipment

  • Customize your guns: ACOG, Red Dot, Suppressor, Stock…

  • Save presets for quick change during a match.

  • Improve gameplay with skills: faster reload, move faster, last stand, etc.

  • Personalize them to fit your play style.

Show Time

  • End of match trophies (best kills, best ally, etc.)

  • New kill signatures and pictures.

  • Share your stats online.

More MC3 Multiplayer information (game modes)

Via PocketgamerFR

*Translated From French*

A few weeks for the next FPS Gameloft, we were able to get their hands on the highly anticipated sequel to the series of Modern Combat.

The big thing about Modern Combat 2 was its multiplayer mode. Gameloft has understood and this third episode, most of the news is at this level. We played a good hour in multiplayer mode on three different cards and the beginning of the solo campaign. Our impressions.

Graphically first, Modern Combat 3 will always use the graphics engine at Gameloft, but an improved version compared to previous episodes. It is a little below a Shadowgun in terms of visual finesse, but where the engine is doing very well MC3 is the feeling of openness that gives the levels. The passages on the roofs of building in the city in particular leaves a pleasant feeling of space and rare games on iOS.

But most of the new Modern Combat 3 is in the game content, in terms of multiplayer. MC will propose to its release six cards 7 different game modes. Beyond the traditional methods of team death-match (the team that made the most deaths at the end of time wins), some more strategic forms are emerging.

Image of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation - iPhone game

In the mode "capture and hold", the objective is to control three specific points on the map, and keep them as long as possible. Each controlled point earns points every second, and the first team to 200 points wins. When the card is considered a little, the on-screen status and remote control points can easily reach the place of action. Gameplay quite convincing.

The other game mode we were able to test some length is the bomb mode, inspired by Counter-Strike. The principle is almost the same: a team must pick up the bomb and put it in a specific location on the map. The other team must prevent the bomb is placed, or defuse it before it exploded. Unlike CS, it reappears a few seconds after death. The against-terrorists who have the advantage of the defense, this game mode seemed to state quite unbalanced. Hopefully Gameloft benefits of development in recent weeks to adjust this, this game mode has proven itself in other games.

In addition to these modes of play, the other big news of Modern Combat is the aspect of persistent multiplayer mode. Over the games online, you gain experience and progress in the 100 ranks as the game includes. Each kill reported some experience, with bonuses for some specific actions (revenge, defense / attack a target, shot in the head, etc.).. Each level unlocks new items such as weapons kits, improvements in stats (speed reloading or moving), weapons, accessories or temporary bonus to activate during the game (radar, airstrike, automatic turret, etc. .).

All these stats are recorded and available for the game or in part from the site of Gameloft Live, support of all the multiplayer aspect of Modern Combat. The overall gaming experience in multi was very convincing. On an hour, we had only a few small lag, which is acceptable. If the technical quality of the title should be a priori good appointment, the big issue that remains unresolved is balancing it all, especially because of bonuses to unlock. Once unlocked, the bonus must be purchased with credits earned in multiplayer or solo. However, these credits may also be purchased through purchases included in a update scheduled for shortly after the release. Given the power of certain bonuses, hope Gameloft has adequately addressed the risk of imbalance that could result.

Image of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation - iPhone game

A final word on the solo, which should be no surprise. The wicked terrorist PCR (alliance Pakistan, Korea, Russia) attacked the U.S. and we Gentiles, American soldier, will have to save the world (well the U.S.) which is invaded. Level gameplay, there is a campaign very linear and scripted highlighting the staging, a hallmark of Modern Combat and its model, Call of Duty. Gameloft announces five to six hours of play for an average player campaign and some replayability through four levels of difficulty.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is scheduled for October 27 on the iPhone (3G and above) and iPad. The Android version released it later, but usually before Christmas.

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Modern Combat 3 Multiplayer Hands On with TouchGen

via TouchGen

When I left the house this morning, I told my wife I’d be late home because I was going to shoot a couple of people in the face after work. By this of course, I meant I was visiting the Gameloft studios to play a preview build of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation multiplayer, not going on a bloody rampage round the office with a shotgun. The funny thing is, she didn’t even bat an eyelid. She just kissed me goodbye and reminded me to take my lunch. Hmm.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is due to drop on October 27 on iPhone and iPad, and after our single player hands-on back in August, we finally got to give the multiplayer portion a try.

moderncombat3-1It is looking seriously beefy, with six maps, seven game modes and up to 12 players online (up from two last time out). There’s also 100 ranks available for levelling up, with each rank providing a new perk, such as faster reloads, faster movement, last stand grenades, etc.

Each weapon and it’s subsequent attachment also features it’s own set of challenges (head shot your editor 50 times with the silencer attached for example), and there’s good news for those of you who enjoy blowing up the entire map after killing ten people in a row; kill streak rewards make an appearance, for example three successive kills gets you satelitte scan, with more getting you the likes of turret deployment, air support and even a full nuclear strike! You’ll also be able to share your kill stats online, including viewing your match history, scoreboards, leaderboards, and earn a range of trophies, such as best kills, and best ally.

Gameloft took us through a few scenarios, including standard deathmatches; Bomb Squad, where you must plant bombs in enemy territory as well as dissarm them in your own backyard; and Zone Control, which is a bit like capture the flag but with multiple zones to capture and defend.

moderncombat3-2Graphically, it’s shaping up nicely, with a far higher amount of details in the multiplayer maps, which are larger and more detailed. We played it on both the iPad 1, iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and it was particularly clear that the iPad 2 version sports a visual upgrade over it’s older brother, with cripser geometry and extra texture details on weapons and environments. Watch out too for the cool blur effect when running away from your best mates shotgun. No word yet on iPhone 4S improvements, but we may have to wait for future updates before we see any 4S specific features.

So, in just a few weeks time, you can jump online and get a taste of the latest in the Modern Combat series, which is looking like it could rival even it’s obvious console inspiration in multiplayer robustness.

Check out the video below as Nigel and I take on Gameloft at their own game… and lose!


Modern Combat 3 Hands On from iPadsfera


This morning we had the luck of being able to prove the exclusive new Gameloft game Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation . Want to know more about this awesome game for iPhone and iPhone?

To carry out the test, have met with members of Gameloft Spain at its offices in Madrid.The truth is that you walk through them we have drawn attention to the environment that are breathed in there ... What a site last!. And after appropriate presentations have led us to a room where we expect a brand new iPad 2 white with play Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation installed inside.

We know that many people are you waiting for a long time the release of this game, well, thanks to iPadSfera today you can find some exclusive information about him. Are you ready?

Fallen Nation Modern Combat 3 32 Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, We tested exclusively!

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation 19 Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, We tested exclusively!

The game Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation have two player modes: single and multiplayer. We have tested the multiplayer online playing 3 games against journalists from 6 countries (Italy, China, Japan, France, England and Germany).

But first, let's talk a little about this revolutionary gameplay. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation allows items up to 12 players different in online mode , enjoying 6 maps unique (among them are Los Angeles, Russia and Korea) and 7 games different (capture the flag, team match, barracks, pump ...).

Fallen Nation Modern Combat 3 10 Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, We tested exclusively!

Fallen Nation Modern Combat 3 7 Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, We tested exclusively!

We say that the graphics are really awesome. Thanks to the screen iPad jump right into the game and live in first-person action and tension that characterize Modern Combat .

Both the stage and the sounds are perfect, a lot of attention from the first moment I tried the game. Truly awesome!

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation 22 Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, We tested exclusively!

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation 23 Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, We tested exclusively!

We have to say that although the game was in French, we have been able to develop with much ease, and once you play a couple of games are you going trick to taking the controls.Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation allows us to customize to our liking the weapons, has a ranking of 100 different ranges, bonus and releases at each level, and a multitude of interesting options.

In addition, we adapt and customize the game according to the way we play, increase the speed of movements and weapons load, make changes during a game ... And at the end, we will have a number of trophies and we can share our achievements and scores so online with other players.

Fallen Nation Modern Combat 3 24 Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, We tested exclusively!

Fallen Nation Modern Combat 3 8 Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, We tested exclusively!

The truth is we have to say that Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation we love and we are more than confident that this new game will become a success in the App Store that you can enjoy a great time at your iPads or iPhones .

Although there is still no exact date is expected to be available later this month . A game 100% recommended!


Modern combat 3 Multiplayer Pictures!!

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

Modern Combat 3 Release Date set at Oct 27

The very anicipated gameloft game, modern combat 3 will be coming to the app store Oct 27 according to touchgen

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Upcoming iOS Games

Here are some great upcoming games you should know about

Infinity Blade 2


Desert Zombie: Last Stand