Friday, August 26, 2011

About the site

A quick update to inform you about the site.
The site will be mainly focused on modern combat 3, but will feature other games as well including, march of heroes, battlefield aftershock, warmgun and others.
This site will be constantly updated with the latest news from any upcoming ios fps games, so keep checking back.
As soon as MC3 comes out we will have a clans section, tournaments and lots more, so stay tuned.

You can subscribe to me on youtube, where i currently upload mc2 videos and will upload loads of mc3 and moh when they come out.
If you have any suggestions please post it in the comments, thank you.


  1. Everybody thats wants an clan can join clan Whaha_

  2. just curious, what is the background picture used for this site?

  3. love the site, finally a place to find new games!!! ill put this site on my website :)

  4. HEY. I was wondering if you could start posting information about ShadowGun!!.

  5. News?? and ps: Shadowgun is released

  6. warm gun released yay :D