Leader: LEGEND_DONN784

How To Be A Legend

Hey Guys! Welcome to the Legend_Clan site! Some of you guys wanted to become a part of the “Legend_Clan” for MC2, MC3.I am the creater of this clan & I want it to be strong! To be part of the “Legend_Clan” you must have good Sportsman Ship, Loyality, Accept that you lost a match & Have to be higher than the Rank 72 on mc2.Your K.D Ratio must be higher then 2.0! The Legend_Clan is a STRONG group of people who dominates other CLANS. WE FIGHT FOR OUR GLORY! One of the things you need to do is that you have to TRAIN & be good at every weapon on Primary & Secondary! You Will Train Many Times Until Your SKILLS develope even MORE! Make sure you also can knife INSANELY GOOD! To for me to know you are good, I must test you out when we play 1 on 1. Once again I am the Creater of this clan & My Username is “LEGEND_DONN784”. You all can add me. If you want to join, you must accomplish all these steps! Thank You!

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