On Febuary 25th 2011 is when the legacy started. CLE was born. We started with a very small roster of me blu3blood, weed and amish thunder. After a day or two as I was posting adds I came across a person named Coldshot (aka pink) so I was lurking and he seemed like a cool kid. I asked him to join our clan. At first he was kind of like “what the devil is a clan?” LOL. After I showed him the basics it was all good. We later went on to recruit JoJo and Doener. 2 Other original CLE players. And we were all very happy as a unknown clan :) Until drama REALLY started picking up. People were thinking of leaving Palringo. It became too much and I had to end the clan. The clan rested until September 9th when I realized my EX clan (OAG) had ended. I was clanless for about 3 hours until I thaught I would make CLE again. Now we are back Stronger than ever! more history is ahead.

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