Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Modern Combat 3 Interview and Concept art

Interview with one of gamelofts developers

Could you please quickly sum-up what Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation’s scenario is all about?

A private military force, made of renegade soldiers that betrayed their countries and calling themselves KPR – the North Korean/Pakistani/Russian Alliance – attacks Los Angeles. Swarming into the country from the West coast, this terrorist army without a country strikes at the civilian population without mercy.

As the US military struggles to launch a counterattack, Corporal James Walker is sent to Los Angeles. His team, Anvil-1, has been tasked with gathering mission-critical information from the ruins of the NSA headquarters. The intel that they find will lead Anvil-1 into enemy territory, where they will confront mercenaries, terrorists, and a traitor who will stop at nothing to destroy the nation that he once served.

Is there a link with the events described in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus?

The events of Modern Combat 3: Fallent Nation take place a few years after Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. Razor Squad stopped Pablo Al-Banni – a drug lord – but his partner, the now extremely powerful General Popovich has been working on his own plan to invade the US. Using his own private army and with the help of other terrorist groups, he now leads the newly created KPR Alliance into a massive attack on US soil. You are playing Private James Walker. You are in the front line to defend the country, and then find the source of this attack.

Where did the artist find their inspiration to create the universe of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation?

Right when we started working on Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, the entire team agreed that it would make sense to use American cities as a starting point for this sequel. The West coast offers some beautiful scenery and we were convinced that seeing Los Angeles being invaded would make some epic vista. In the blink of an eye, the player would easily understand the setup of this game: the country is being invaded and I have to defend it.
We wanted Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation to be about super large scale fights, something that hasn’t been done on smartphones. We wanted to make a point that smartphone gaming can be as huge and awesome as on any other home console. Every location the player will visit in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation has something impressive to offer. This is not a game about corridor fights. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is about large scale war.

Did recent real world events inspire your work?

Yes, it did inspire the team. However, it was very clear from the get go that we were creating a fictional scenario set in real world locations. Having locations that players know adds weight and credibility to the story, which was one aspect that we really wanted to push for Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. It was also very important for us to remain away from any real life political and international conflict. For this reason, we’ve created the KPR Alliance – a terrorist group formed by the union of North Korean, Pakistani and Russian terrorist cells that betrayed their countries. They all have their own reason to attack the United States and they’ve decided to merge for a surprise assault.

Do the different settings/countries affect the level-design of each level?

Absolutely. Every location has been carefully chosen to provide a very special gameplay experience. We have some really awesome locations that haven’t been announced yet.

How is all this improved from Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus?

We’ve used everything we’ve learned from the past games and we’ve put everything together and tried to push our own limits. We think the game is absolutely stunning and a total blast to play. The graphics, the run and gun mechanics, the story, the enemies, the dozens of weapons and the multiplayer experience… everything has been completely designed to offer the most engaging war game ever released on smartphones.