Monday, October 24, 2011

Biteyourapple hands on with modern combat 3


tle Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation .

First, Moder Combat 3 will be available in universal , ie for both the iPhone and for iPad (there is support at ' iPad 2and probably also add that for the ' iPhone 4S ), but also for Android , and will be released on October 27 at a price of € 5.49.

The game uses a graphics engine developed entirely by Gameloft and quality evata much, in fact one of the things that struck me most was just trying the game is the graphics, very much improved since the previous titles.

As for the story, is the contrary with respect to them: we will not be us who will attack enemies, but they will be attacking us, after which we will fight back.

As specified by the creators of the app, then, a military organization (our enemies), composed of renegade soldiers from the armies of their countries who call themselves KPR (North Korean / Pakistani / Russian Alliance, attacking Los Angeles . Starting from the coast west of the country, this army of terrorists without a country from the start to panic hitting civilians mercilessly.

The U.S. Army (that's us) with a counter party and Corporal James Walker was sent to Los Angeles. His team, Anvil-1,was responsible for gathering critical information from the ruins of the headquarters of the NSA . The information gathered will lead the team Anvil-1 in the territory now occupied by the enemy to deal with mercenaries, terrorists, and an unexpected defector that is not asked no qualms in destroying the country that has long served with honor.

The following technical features of the game.

APA and including integration with Twitter , which is useful to post our scores online.

The controls are classic usable with fingers, or you can take advantage of the gyro , present on the latest devices.

Now we talk about the multiplayer mode, accessible via the Gameloft Live , with whom we play in WiFi (with players around the world) or local , always via WiFi or via Bluetooth , with which we can play with our friends in the vicinity.

As with the previous title, we will have the possibility to host an online game, or we will be the " host ", or go to the first game available.

We will have at our disposal well 100 levels total divided into six new maps . The weapons are unlocked or with the points accumulated during the batch, or through the ' in-app purchase , or purchases with real money. The latter option is not recommended because forced to buy things, the fun ends up making the levels too simple.

In addition, we enable different options after a specified number of consecutive kills: If after three killed the image above we can scan and display military enemies on the map.

The game modes are different, as the DeathMatch (all against all), Steal the Flag , the Manhunt (hunting for a specific person) and the Defuse the bomb .

In addition, Michele Baratelli , the Director of Marketing weblog Italian Gameloft has informed us of other games in development and will probably come out by the end of October, that this is real football 2012 and Gangstar Rio .


  1. will there be a lobby where you can join a game together with a friend?

  2. Why North America is the only continent that doesn't let us test the game.....................