Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More MC3 Multiplayer information (game modes)

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*Translated From French*

A few weeks for the next FPS Gameloft, we were able to get their hands on the highly anticipated sequel to the series of Modern Combat.

The big thing about Modern Combat 2 was its multiplayer mode. Gameloft has understood and this third episode, most of the news is at this level. We played a good hour in multiplayer mode on three different cards and the beginning of the solo campaign. Our impressions.

Graphically first, Modern Combat 3 will always use the graphics engine at Gameloft, but an improved version compared to previous episodes. It is a little below a Shadowgun in terms of visual finesse, but where the engine is doing very well MC3 is the feeling of openness that gives the levels. The passages on the roofs of building in the city in particular leaves a pleasant feeling of space and rare games on iOS.

But most of the new Modern Combat 3 is in the game content, in terms of multiplayer. MC will propose to its release six cards 7 different game modes. Beyond the traditional methods of team death-match (the team that made the most deaths at the end of time wins), some more strategic forms are emerging.

Image of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation - iPhone game

In the mode "capture and hold", the objective is to control three specific points on the map, and keep them as long as possible. Each controlled point earns points every second, and the first team to 200 points wins. When the card is considered a little, the on-screen status and remote control points can easily reach the place of action. Gameplay quite convincing.

The other game mode we were able to test some length is the bomb mode, inspired by Counter-Strike. The principle is almost the same: a team must pick up the bomb and put it in a specific location on the map. The other team must prevent the bomb is placed, or defuse it before it exploded. Unlike CS, it reappears a few seconds after death. The against-terrorists who have the advantage of the defense, this game mode seemed to state quite unbalanced. Hopefully Gameloft benefits of development in recent weeks to adjust this, this game mode has proven itself in other games.

In addition to these modes of play, the other big news of Modern Combat is the aspect of persistent multiplayer mode. Over the games online, you gain experience and progress in the 100 ranks as the game includes. Each kill reported some experience, with bonuses for some specific actions (revenge, defense / attack a target, shot in the head, etc.).. Each level unlocks new items such as weapons kits, improvements in stats (speed reloading or moving), weapons, accessories or temporary bonus to activate during the game (radar, airstrike, automatic turret, etc. .).

All these stats are recorded and available for the game or in part from the site of Gameloft Live, support of all the multiplayer aspect of Modern Combat. The overall gaming experience in multi was very convincing. On an hour, we had only a few small lag, which is acceptable. If the technical quality of the title should be a priori good appointment, the big issue that remains unresolved is balancing it all, especially because of bonuses to unlock. Once unlocked, the bonus must be purchased with credits earned in multiplayer or solo. However, these credits may also be purchased through purchases included in a update scheduled for shortly after the release. Given the power of certain bonuses, hope Gameloft has adequately addressed the risk of imbalance that could result.

Image of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation - iPhone game

A final word on the solo, which should be no surprise. The wicked terrorist PCR (alliance Pakistan, Korea, Russia) attacked the U.S. and we Gentiles, American soldier, will have to save the world (well the U.S.) which is invaded. Level gameplay, there is a campaign very linear and scripted highlighting the staging, a hallmark of Modern Combat and its model, Call of Duty. Gameloft announces five to six hours of play for an average player campaign and some replayability through four levels of difficulty.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is scheduled for October 27 on the iPhone (3G and above) and iPad. The Android version released it later, but usually before Christmas.


  1. Thank you SPL1TR for bringing us all this info :D

  2. cant wait for oct 27!

  3. This game looks excellent, but by bonuses, does it mean in app purchases for multiplayer, kind of like 9mm? Because that could potentially ruin the game :(