Saturday, October 22, 2011

Modern Combat 3 Hands on With iPhoneItalia (new pics and video!)


On Monday iPhoneItalia was in the Italian branch of Gameloft in Milan to try to preview the highly anticipated FPS Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. This wonderful new chapter will be released in the coming weeks on the App Store and grows more and more waiting.

The new Modern Combat will be a universal, and available in one version for both iPhone and iPad to be released on October 27 at a price of 5.49 €. In this game we will have a completely new graphics engine developed by Gameloft. The story is completely reversed compared to the previous titles, in fact, a military organization, composed of renegade soldiers from the armies of their countries who call themselves KPR (North Korean / Pakistani / Russian Alliance, attacking Los Angeles. Starting from the west coast of the country, this army of terrorists without a country gives way to panic hitting civilians mercilessly. The U.S. military and counter-party to Corporal James Walker was sent to Los Angeles. His team, Anvil-1, was responsible for collecting critical information from the ruins of the NSA. Information collected will lead the team Anvil-1 in the territory now occupied by the enemy to deal with mercenaries, terrorists, and an unexpected defector that is not asked no qualms in destroying the country that has long served with honor.

Another new feature is the highly anticipated multiplayer via local WiFi or online at Gameloft Live, where we can make games faster, organize individual and team games, and there will also be able to modify their weapons through the armory section, thanks to points gained in battle or through in-app purchase. But here are the main features of the multiplayer:

  • Individual or team deathmatch: classic meeting-all

  • Capture the enemy flag: we will have more flags of the enemy team in a total time

  • Manhunt: we should be good to kill the enemy chose

  • Destruction: the more damage you do you will have more chances to win the game

  • Blaster: defusing bombs as possible

In addition we will have six maps, 100 levels of experience with numerous weapons, unlockable as mentioned earlier by experience or in-app purchase, and we can decide the duration of the various sessions of play.

Here's a video demonstration:

Finally a brief interview with the Marketing Manager of Gameloft Italy Michele

As well MC3, what other titles await us?

Gangstar Rio: city of saints, the adventures of Tenten and the secret of the unicorn, Real Football 2012 and Six guns, all out later this year. In addition, we are told that we can expect some surprises.

They arrived iOS 5 and iPhone 4S. Like all the new features will be exploited by Gameloft?

Gameloft is very excited for the release of iPhone OS iPhone 4s and 5 as it will help to improve the gaming experience for our users. All of our games will benefit from the features and Airplay icloud. With icloud new feature, users will be able to experience all the benefits of "cloud" that saves server administered by Apple - so if you start playing on your iPhone while you go to work in the morning, you may return and come back to home using any of your registered devices with the same Apple ID. With Airplay, we will venture into new territory for mobile gaming.


  1. Thank you for the Info !! Well done !! Is there confirmation of a nuke?

  2. yes there is, check the newest post.

  3. In app purchases? Is that like in 9mm or silent ops?